5.0% alc./vol.


Mahogany perfection glistening off the lake, its pristine finish shimmers as it glides effortlessly across the water. Images of those classic wood power boats populate the memories of Muskoka. To commemorate this bygone era, we brewed a beer as classic and pristine as those  watercraft. Ol’ Woody Alt is a lagered ale, fashioned after the beers from the Dusseldorf region of Germany. Filtered to a gleaming mahogany, this ale drinks as smooth as the finish on those iconic wood boats. Come on down to Sawdust City and savour a taste of the past. 

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Water: pure Muskoka Water

Barley/Malt: German pilsner, Munich type II, Wheat, Roasted barley

Hops: Magnum, Spalt

Yeast: California ale


Original Gravity: 12.5°P

International Bitterness Units: 35

Standard Reference Method: 10

Final Gravity: 3.0°P

 Cellarable? Glassware
No Pint Glass