4.5% alc./vol.


A crisp, refreshing ale with a hint of spice and citrus. Brewed in memory of our good friend Duncan.

This past spring, we lost our good friend and Sawdust family member Duncan Veitch. Dunc was a fun loving, easy going guy and we wanted to brew a beer that he would approve of. "Dunc's Day Beer" is designed to be just that, easy going and simple.... something you could enjoy while mowing the lawn or hangin' out with friends and relaxin'. A simple malt body with just the right touch of hops, we know this is the type of beer Dunc would have loved. 


Water: Pure Muskoka water

Barley/Malt: Canadian 2-Row, CaraFoam

Hops: Saaz, Galaxy

Yeast: Foggy London Ale


Original Gravity: 10.8°P

International Bitterness Units: 13

Standard Reference Method: 3

Final Gravity: 2.6°P

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